Big B, in one of his most famous public-service campaigns.

Mountain Dew

Shot over the ocean in Thailand(Pattaya), this was part of the 'Darr Ke Aage

Jeet Hai' series.

SBI Railway Card 'Chachi'

A marriage almost turns sour when the lady travelleing in a train realises

how the protagonist got free tickets for the family because he had an SBI

Railway Card!

Hero Motocorp 'Runaway Bride'

A fully decked up bride-to-be is stuck in a traffic jam. And somebody appears

on his PassionPro and rides away with her!

Horlicks Lite

'Jab shareer ki thakaan rishte mein dikhne lage.'

Because there are times when the man is just physically drained out, and it

has nothing to do with the relationship.

Arise Invertors 'Doctor'

Here's a mad orthopaedic surgeon who is surer of his invertor than his


Arise Geysers 'Goga'

Magician Goga vanishes an entire train. But what about the geyser?

GE Money Personal Loans 'Chintu Ki Smile'

Chintu loses his smile because he can't get his school project going.

Who will help him get his smile back?

Ministry Of Health 'Street Food'

A Govt of India initiative on street food hygiene. But no preach here, a serious message

delivered in an entertaining manner!

Ministry Of Health 'Self Medication'

Yet another Govt of India initiative, against self-medication. A very 'non-govt'

kind of an idea, which builds on a very Indian insight: every 2nd person is a doctor. 

Bharat Nirman 'Sakshar Bharat'

'Adult Education', part of the popular 2012-2013 Bharat Nirman campaign for Ministry

of I&B.

The entire campaign was from the people's point-of-view, the execution idea being

'Bharat Ke Nirman Pe Haq Hai Mera'. 

This one, in particular, was the most popular idea of the entire lot.

Bharat Nirman 'Pregnant Women's Rights'

Yet another idea in the Bharat Nirman series, where a pregnant woman is

aware of her rights, is aware of the govt initiatives, and, most importantly,

demands them. 

Bharat Nirman 'SC/ST Rights'

A young man, who has come to get his shoes polished, sees a young boy

at the shop. When he notices the boy stealing a look at his magazine, he

chides the father and asks him to demand the kids' rights.

Bharat Nirman 'Food Security'

Bharat Nirman 'Higher Education'

Bharat Nirman 'Celebrating Goodness'

Bharat Nirman 'Street Vendor'

Bharat Nirman 'Sadbhav'

Somany Tiles

The brief from the client was to communicate the durability aspect of the tile.

A tile is always part of the house, and hence shown within the confines of the

walls of. We took the tile outside. 

Promise Toothpaste this is a toothpaste film. And there's a dentist in a white coat.

But the similarities end there.

He's mad, and unlike a dentist!

Boost Promo Sehwag

A kid brags about how he ran into Sehwag and gave him a torrid time in a

span of 3-4 balls.

Until Sehwag himself appears.

Su Kam Batteries 'Zehar Ki Saans'

Early days of the ubiquitous invertor battery when you would find one inside

our houses. 

But were you aware of the wrong end of the bargain?

Here's the SuKam film, delivered with an undertone of humour.

Red Ribbon Express: The Biggest Mass Mobilisation Programme In The World against AIDS

The Red Ribbon Express.

This remains the world's largest mass-mobilisation awareness programme against AIDS, ever.

Watch the film to understand the magnitude of  it.